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Not all test-drives were created equal. We've got a surefire method to help you find the Subaru exactly right for you. Follow these tips and you won't be disappointed.

You may recall new or used car inspections in days past – from the classic "kick the tires" to unscrewing the gas cap to peer inside, to literally crawling under the vehicle.

At Subaru, we do the dirty work for you; even our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are backed by a 152-point inspection and reconditioning, plus they include a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report and Buyback Guarantee®. So rest assured, all you have to do is take a good look inside and out, and take it for a spin.

First up: the exterior. In terms of its features, how much is a necessity? Most Subaru owners are eager to check out the storage and cargo spaces – will it fit your day-to-day and longer term needs?

Then, it's time to climb in – which is hopefully easy. Once in your seat, learn all the seat adjustments. Are they simple to do? Have a look at the instrument panel. Is it easy to read and intuitive? Check the steering wheel controls and see if they feel "at your fingertips." Up next: the audio system and additional electronics; make sure everything's easy to reach and doesn't take too much effort to use.


  • Drive on different types of roads at varying speeds to get a complete sense of the ride and how the engine and transmission respond in as many scenarios as possible.
  • How tightly does it turn? How easy is it to steer?
  • Can you imagine yourself taking it on a longer cross-country trip and still being comfortable?
  • Head over for a stretch of stop signs or stoplights to fully test the brakes – for not only smoothness, but also directional control and pedal reaction.
  • Compare your test-drive to a ride in your current vehicle – has life changed enough to go bigger, smaller, or sportier?