FHI Divisions


FHI consists of four divisions, and the one with which most Subaru owners are familiar is the Subaru Automotive Business, which produces Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Forester, Tribeca (sometimes with different names) and other brands around the world.


The Aerospace Company manufactures, repairs, and sells airplane- and aerospace-related equipment and componentry.



The Eco Technologies Company does the same with sweepers and other eco-related machines, such as wind turbines.


The Industrial Products Company builds small engines for countless types of engine-powered tools found in construction, agriculture, and the home. Just a few of these include generators, small tractors, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, brush cutters, go-karts, all-terrain vehicles, pumps, and so on. These Subaru Robin power products can be found worldwide.



The Name Robin

When we asked about the origin of the Robin brand name for the general-purpose engine company, we were given this as a possible explanation: "Fuji came up with the name because robins are small, hard-working birds. They start early in the morning and work all day.

"Similarly, Robin brand engines are small, hard-working engines that will provide reliable service every work day.”

Subaru Robin History


The history of FHI and its companies starts with the Nakajima Aircraft Laboratory, which was founded in 1917. Airplane engines led to smaller-displacement powerplants (such as motorboat engines).


In the mid-1950s, a group of companies formed FHI. Its innovative capabilities led to the manufacture of Japan’s first jet engine, called the “JO-1.”


The Robin brand first appeared in 1956 with the first of its general-purpose, air-cooled, gasoline engines. Capabilities and capacity grew, and by 1978, one million “EY 18” four-cycle engines had been produced. In 1989, the “EC 10” two-cycle engine reached the one-million-unit threshold.


FHI opened the Saitama Plant in 1993, and its annual production rate for Robin engines is approximately one million units.




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