Road trips are now more enjoyable for rear seat passengers in 2010 to 2012 Legacy and Outback models because of an available fully integrated and tested entertainment center for viewing movies, listening to music, or playing games.



The System



The Genuine Subaru Accessories rear seat DVD entertainment system includes two seven-inch LCD monitors and two DVD players integrated into two optimally designed front-seat headrests. This dual-screen system allows rear seat passengers a number of options.


Each of the two DVD players may be operated by control buttons on their front panels or by the included remote control. The wireless stereo headphones enable individual listening experiences and can be switched to receive audio from either DVD player.1 Through the remote control, rear seat passengers can enjoy the same program source or different program sources on the two screens.


The system’s DVD players are iPod®2 and MP3 audio compatible and each includes an audiovisual jack for connecting external inputs as well as an AV conversion cable that converts a device’s audio and video wires into one connection point. This jack and conversion cable can be used to connect iPod and iPhone® video input (with an optional iPod authentication cable) as well as other external inputs such as video game systems and video or digital cameras.


The integrated approach taken by Subaru to develop and engineer this rear seat DVD entertainment system includes important features that add to its convenience. The system incorporates the latest in screen technology – dual digital LCD screens with LED backlighting for excellent color, clarity, and detail.


Because it connects to the vehicle’s electrical- and audio-system wiring, rear seat entertainment doesn’t have to be plugged into a power connection. For power, there are no external wires to untangle or batteries to charge. Plus, its audio can be played over the car’s sound system without FM modulation concerns.


1 Headphones are for rear passenger use only.
2 iPod accessory is not included. iPod and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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