How do People React to Stunning Garages?



Ron Mintle built his enormous 12,000-square-foot San Diego garage one year before he and his wife finished their mountainside dream home. The first question many people ask is, “What does your wife think of this?” Mintle responds, “I told her we needed it to store building materials for the house.” Today, Mintle’s garage has a playroom that holds a television lounge, a bar, and a pool table. In the main workshop is an ocean-going yacht that Mintle is building, next to his Chevy muscle cars.


Peter Nettesheim built a large, barn-style garage on the back two acres of his Long Island yard to work on and display his collection of more than 50 vintage BMW motorcycles and four classic cars. Soon, he ran out of space, and so he added a second living room to his house in which to display his most historically significant bikes, including the first motorcycle built by the BMW company. “Other guys bring their wives here, just to show them that the guys aren’t as crazy as they could be,” says Nettesheim, who works as a truck distributor for his day job. “The wives look around at all the furniture and decorations, and all they ask is, ‘Who dusts?’”


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