Subaru CARE Service Reminders


The Subaru CARE program is a technology-driven service reminder mailing program. It’s designed to generate and send personalized messages to owners about maintenance intervals, timed to arrive just before the vehicle is due for service. Complex algorithms and service histories contribute to accuracy and timeliness, and recognize the service patterns of your vehicle. CARE program mailings from your participating dealer often include service tips and commentary, along with money-saving coupons. – Your Personal Web Site is an online community with information customized to your Subaru. Creating the site is easy and gives you access to your service and warranty history, safety notices and even an online Owner’s Manual. can determine when service is due, send you e-mail reminders and help you schedule service appointments online. It’s password protected for your security.



The Subaru Difference – A Maintenance Partnership


Maintenance may not be glamorous, but it is important. So important that The Subaru Difference gives you a number of service and maintenance partnership options. From Car Care Clinics, to service reminders, to online tracking, to ways to reduce your costs and still get Quality Driven Service from trained Subaru technicians, we want to do our part. We hope you’ll do yours, as well.


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