Subaru Mobile Internet1 for 2011 Outback



Using Internet technology provided by Autonet Mobile, Subaru offers Wi-Fi connectivity for the 2011 Outback. Autonet Mobile was the world's first in-car Internet service provider.


By creating a Wi-Fi hotspot inside the Outback, the system gives 10 or more users access for up to 150 feet around the vehicle. It allows Wi-Fi-enabled devices to operate on the 3G network using a safe, fully encrypted connection with download speeds averaging between 400 kbps to 1.2 mbps. The system's unique technology manages data as the vehicle travels between cell phone towers, maintaining the connection to the Internet.


Supported devices include Wi-Fi-capable laptop computers, netbooks, smart phones, game consoles, iPad™, and iPod touch®.


The system is designed to provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi capability for passenger access while the Outback is in motion. With it, passengers can access e-mail, listen to Internet radio, stream video, post to social networking sites, check weather and traffic, download hiking trails, reserve a camp site while on the road, and more.


Wi-Fi service can be added to any 2010 or 2011 Subaru Outback. A one-year subscription at $29 per month is required, with Subaru providing the first three months of service for free.


Comprehensive user support is included through joint Subaru and Autonet Mobile customer service resources. As a Genuine Subaru Accessory, Subaru Mobile Internet is covered under the Subaru New Vehicle Limited Warranty.


1 Driver use only when vehicle is safely stopped with parking brake engaged. 3G network not available in all areas. Required activation and monthly subscription sold separately. May not be installed in conjunction with the Remote Engine Starter.

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