Round 53-inch cross bars, a kayak carrier, and a bike carrier are mounted to a Subaru Heavy-Duty Roof Cargo Basket.

Added Cargo Space and Utility for Outback


Attaching the Genuine Subaru Accessory Heavy-Duty Roof Cargo Basket (part number E361SSA200) to the standard roof rails and cross bars of the 2010 and 2011 Outback expands functionality by providing additional storage space and utility. This accessory's integrated cross bars increase the available fore-aft cross bar spread (distance between cross bars) from the standard fixed 30 inches to a fixed 40 inches.


Mounting Genuine Subaru Accessory 53-inch round cross bars (E361SXA400) to the basket increases the fore-aft spread to an adjustable 36 inches. In addition, the length of these 53-inch cross bars permits more cargo to be loaded (properly attached and within the weight limit).


Subaru is offering the Genuine Subaru Accessory Heavy-Duty Roof Cargo Basket at a reduced price. See your Subaru dealer.



 Prepare for Fall and Winter



Recommended maintenance should help prepare your vehicle for the fall and winter seasons. Double-check to make sure these items have been maintained as scheduled and checked before the weather turns colder:

  • Regularly scheduled oil change
  • Coolant check
  • Battery performance check
  • Brakes and brake system check
  • Exhaust system check for leaks
  • Heater and defroster check
  • Tires -- check for proper inflation and that tread is sufficient for handling snow
  • Wiper blades – replace on a regular basis to maintain performance for visibility
  • Inspect all lights



Falling Leaves – Beautiful, but Dangerous!


Autumn leaves inspire songs, paintings, and photography. Motorists tour specific parts of the country in search of striking fall colors. However, be aware that those falling leaves can be hazardous as well. Be on the alert for:

  • Leaves on the vehicle that should be cleared before driving to help maintain visibility and the ventilation system's airflow
  • Piles and stacks of leaves that might cover potholes, curbs, and other obstacles that could damage a vehicle or cause an accident
  • Wet leaves on the pavement that might cause the vehicle to slide when braking (layers of wet leaves can be as slippery as ice!)
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