Earning the Badge


Having accumulated 72,000 miles on my 2008, I felt it was time to trade out, and in November of 2010 I purchased my 2011 Outback. The additional room that was offered begs to be used, and after donning “my second Subaru – gardening” badge, it was time to get to work.


I rented a house with a yard that was all turf – an open slate to create. My Outback and I landed a pact that it would do the hauling and I would do the digging and planting. It worked most optimally!!


The main hauls included: a used mower and weed eater, 20 bags of top soil, around 40 patio pavers, additional landscaping stones, five bales of pine needle mulch, numerous flats of perennials and annuals, a new patio table and chairs. And I'm not counting the smaller trips.


I have a new garden to relax in and enjoy. As my Outback parks in the driveway beside my garden, it looks as if it’s smiling, staking claim to its endeavors as well. Yes - you’ve earned your badge, but it's still our beginning!!!


~ Matthew Sillaman, Columbus, OH



New Subaru Badge of Ownership Selections Available


Subaru releases new Badge of Ownership icons on a regular basis.


Two have just been made available: “Education” and “Military.”


Have you ordered your Subaru Badge of Ownership yet? It’s FREE, along with your choice of icons that reflect your personal interests.


The numbered badge shows how many Subaru vehicles you have owned, and Subaru now offers 20 different icons from which to choose. The icons include everything from family to mechanical to love to high mileage ...


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