Subaru Woodie

I convinced the owner of our local body shop to create a woodie for me.


~ Dr. Andrea Tiktin-Fanti, Uhrichsville, OH





Everyone who rides in my Subaru loves it. However, of all those who love my car, I never expected to walk out to go to work and find a giant turkey on top.


~ Megan Gommenginger, Ontario, NY



A Wing in Spirit


I am the only Japanese aviation photojournalist who has been continuously covering the space shuttle mission since 2005. Our beloved Forester carries lots of our photo equipment, has pushed through some torrential downpours and even a hurricane, and, most importantly, has traveled safely back and forth (2,600 miles) to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.


As the final flight of the space shuttle was set on July 8, 2011, we returned to the Cape with our Forester. Until the launch day, bad weather made a challenging “our side” of the mission. When the weather finally gave Atlantis a smile, she set sail and soared into the space one final time. It was truly a beautiful sight we shall never forget.


Our Forester was quietly sitting at the press site parking lot located 3.2 miles from the launch pad, watching Atlantis spreading her wings to make history. Originated in the aviation industry, our Subaru has a wing in spirit, too.


~ Jin Nakashima, Ardmore, OK


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