Sweet Tomorrow


Another Subaru commercial is gaining attention. Called “Sweet Tomorrow,” it centers on the lives of expectant parents. The ad tells the story of a young Chinese couple balancing tradition with their Chinese-American lifestyle. Produced in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, the TV ad is being shown in key Asian-American markets, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.


You can view the ad online at www.youtube.com/subaru, where ther there are many other Subaru videos to view on the site – not just TV commercials.


Awards and Accolades


Subaru Legacy was chosen recently by Parents magazine as one of its Best Family Cars of 2011. To determine its list of vehicles, Parents teamed up with Edmunds.com to help determine family-appropriate vehicles. They took into account safety features, cargo-hauling capabilities, features conducive to travel as families, and how the vehicles fared in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing.


The 2011 Forester was chosen as one of AAA’s Top Vehicle Picks for Road Trips (SUV category) and by Kiplinger as one of its Best Cars for Young Drivers.




Subaru Dynamic Brochures


Subaru has launched dynamic brochures for all of its models as an aid to online shoppers. The brochures allow viewers to stream online or download and save, explore features, look at vehicles through 360 degrees, view videos, and even pass them on to friends. Dynamic brochures have the benefit of being eco-friendly by reducing printing, paper usage, and production waste.


Find the brocuhures here. Look for iPad® app versions at the iTunes® store.


Let us know what you think on the Subaru Facebook page.


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