Drive magazine contributor Jennifer Fischer recently had the opportunity to interview Cecilia M. of Manhattan, the nation’s first 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek owner.




Q: What attracted you to the XV Crosstrek?


A: I’ve driven a 1998 Subaru Impreza for the past seven years. I bought it used with 90,000 miles, but it still drove like a new car. It had great pep, a sharp turn radius, and proved to be very comfortable on long drives. I wanted more of the same. When researching a new car, the XV Crosstrek was not on the market yet. For almost a year, I considered the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. But even new, those vehicles did not have the driving feel as my little old Impreza. So I kept looking.


When I learned about the XV Crosstrek in an online magazine, I wanted it immediately and decided to wait for its release. I could tell it would be a beefier version of the Impreza, which is exactly what I wanted. Because it was a Subaru, I knew how it would handle. Its scheduled release date was mid-October. My decision was made in early August.


First Drive


Q: When did you first get behind the wheel?


A: I preordered my XV Crosstrek in August and expected to wait until October. Peggy, my sales assistant at Town Motors, called me September 19 – my birthday – to tell me my car had arrived.


Q: What were your initial thoughts as you drove away from the dealership in your new Subaru?


A: I have been a driver of all sorts of midsized vehicles in a wide range of terrain surfaces for over 20 years. When I first drove the XV Crosstrek, my mind quickly raced to the experiences of all those past vehicles and I knew this car was designed specifically and just for me. It was everything I projected and more.


Vehicle Experience


Q: Now that some weeks have passed, how would you describe your vehicle?


A: After my purchase, I attended a wedding 200 miles away. I was impressed with my XV Crosstrek’s style and comfort, but its handling just blew me away. The first leg of the trip was through a torrential downpour, but it felt like a spring shower. The wipers kept the visibility completely unobstructed, and the tire grip and handling was so smooth, I literally enjoyed the highway in cautious driving conditions. I love the feeling of safety and style of this super car.


Fits Your Lifestyle


Q: How does your XV Crosstrek fit your lifestyle?


A: I live and work in an urban environment. The roads are often pitted with potholes, construction debris, and at times can be treacherous in a smaller, lower-to-the-ground vehicle. In the Crosstrek, I can navigate these obstacles unhampered and still enjoy the smaller parking spaces I see larger SUVs turn away from. 


Favorite Feature


Q: Do you have a favorite feature?


A: There are many excellent features, but for city driving one of my faves is the size and positioning of the side mirrors. I don't feel any blind spots, which was a major feature that turned me away from the Honda. In busy moving traffic, I want every inch of visibility at all times. Another excellent feature is the comfort level with which my elderly family can enter and exit my car. The car has off-road punch, but my passengers don't have to climb in and out of it like they are going on a safari.


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