Pairing attractive models with flashy cars has long been a popular sales tool for manufacturers at auto shows. Subaru takes a different approach.


Subaru employs California-based ShowMax Marketing to staff the Subaru booth at approximately 66 auto shows during the auto show season, as well as many other regional and national grassroots marketing events across the country throughout the year.


According to Dana Lally, the company’s COO, Subaru customers don’t need to look far to find someone they relate to on the Subaru auto show floor.


Subaru Product Specialists


“Subaru product specialists cross all demographics of age, gender, ethnicity, and lifestyles,” she said. “They are approachable, knowledgeable, and relatable.”


It takes a special kind of person to earn a place as a Subaru product specialist. Product knowledge is a must.


“We only hire team members that have extensive automotive knowledge,” Lally said. “We’ve been told that our team members are the only product specialists on the floor that provide a thorough understanding and education of the Subaru brand to our customers.”




Subaru invests a great deal of time and money in every product specialist. Every fall before the auto show season kicks off, product specialists travel to the Subaru corporate headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to participate in an all-encompassing training program. Sessions include classroom and hands-on technical and product training, as well as the opportunity to drive each vehicle in the product line.


“Many of our product specialists are Subaru owners and have their own firsthand experience with the Subaru brand in their everyday lives,” Lally said. “All of our team members follow the automotive trade magazines and do research on their own, including blogs, social media, and Internet media.”


The Right Fit


Just as Subaru vehicles are known for their longevity, Subaru product specialists are known to stay on for the long term. Many Subaru product specialists have held their positions for a decade or more.


“We look for the right fit for the Subaru brand, and the longevity of many of our team members proves that we have found the right group of people to represent Subaru,” Lally said. “They are the best trained team in the business.”


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