Before we knew it, we had arrived in Ithaca. We were there on a mission, but was it really that serious? Was it supposed to be depressing? As I drifted off to sleep that night, I considered Caesar’s relatively short existence on this planet and his role in some of my favorite memories. (Read about them on page 3.)


The next day was beautiful, and Cayuga Lake beckoned us with her glassy-smooth waters. We pulled the XV Crosstrek up by the boathouse to unload the kayaks and don our gear.


Once in the water, we swiftly put a good distance between our location and the dock.


It was time for reflection.


Chuck recently had lost his cat, so we swapped stories of our favorite felines as we paddled to shore. We decided it was time to channel Caesar’s spirit and head into the woods for some mountain biking.


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