What’s Stopping You? Nothing.



The XV Crosstrek doesn’t just look the part. It’s got the street- and mountain switchback-cred. Got a bunch of gear? Go ahead. Pack it all in.


Equipped with a suspension that jacks up the ground clearance, its dimensions allow XV Crosstrek to handle like a pro on slick asphalt, rocky trails, wet sand, or through muddy slime. Boldly designed wheels, rocker spoilers, and side cladding boost this CUV’s adventuresome stance. On top, its integrated roof rails with available cross bars are as ready for anything as you are, and work with a number of Subaru racks and cargo carriers. Plus, the XV Crosstrek comes prepared to haul with an available trailer hitch at the rear.


Know Where You Stand


Subaru designed all its newest models with open views out the sides and over the hood. XV Crosstrek follows suit. Exterior mirrors mounted on the sides of the front doors, rather than in the window line, open the area in which the mirrors used to be mounted with glass quarter windows. But this wasn’t just about aesthetics; it has safety implications. Improved visibility is something you need whether in rush-hour traffic or while navigating narrow trails deep in the woods.

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