Someday an Olympic Sport


In the spring of 2012, I was among a select group of elite kiteboarders chosen to introduce and demonstrate this exciting sport to the International Olympic Committee and the International Sailing Federation. A sport that is maybe only 15 years old was accepted into the 2016 Olympic Games!


I had a dream once to compete in the Olympics in skiing, so a second chance just might have come along. It not only represents the evolution of the sport itself, but the extraordinary opportunity for the kids growing up with it. Now these young athletes can dream of competing in the Olympics, too.


All You Need


You don’t have to be a perfect specimen physically to try this sport. The typical age for kiteboarding is between 25 and 40. But there are 80-year-olds kiteboarding and kids as young as 8. The sport is essentially open to all who believe they can do it.


All you need:

  • Kiteboarding kite
  • Board
  • Harness
  • Pump
  • Lessons (recommended)


But be forewarned: Once you’re hooked, you will do nothing but eat, sleep, and talk about kiteboarding. You may even fall asleep watching the weather channel a few times, waiting for wind.


> Beach-Bound Necessities


  • XV Crosstrek or other Subaru SUV

Subaru Gear

  • Sunglasses
  • Wagon
  • Rolling Cooler
  • Roll-up Blanket
  • Sun Shade

Genuine Subaru Accessories

  • Cross Bar Set – Aero (E361SFJ100)
  • Splash Guards (J101CFJ260)
  • Rear Seatback Protector (F501SFJ600)
  • All-Weather Mats (J501SFJ000)
  • Roof Cargo Carrier (E361SAG200)

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