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SIA the First U.S. Auto Manufacturing Plant to Receive ISO 50001 Certification


ISO 50001 Certification is internationally recognized accreditation for meeting requirements with energy management systems. SIA is the first vehicle manufacturing plant in the United States to achieve this recognition.


The ISO 50001 standard provides organizations with strategies to help increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve energy performance. Awarded to SIA on June 4, 2012, the certification demonstrates commitment to continual improvement in the areas of energy conservation and environmental leadership in the auto industry.


SIA Expanding to Increase Production


SIA has begun expansion of its factory in Lafayette, Indiana, to prepare for assembling more vehicles. The plant will grow by 52,000 square feet.


With the expansion, SIA is expected to increase production by approximately 15 percent and create 100 additional jobs.


SIA Holds Open House to Help Celebrate 25th Anniversary


As part of its celebration of 25 years of vehicle production, SIA welcomed Subaru fans to an open house on July 28, 2012. Approximately 6,000 family, friends, and fans toured the plant to see where Outback, Legacy, and Tribeca models are assembled.


Visitors walked more than a mile to go through SIA’s stamping, body shop, paint shop, trim and final assembly, and the engine shop.



Here are random comments by visitors who had never toured SIA’s or any other assembly plant:

  • “I’m surprised that the plant is so clean.”
  • "I was intrigued by the robotic tracks on the floor.”
  • “SIA’s on-site day care, wellness center, and medical center would make it a good place to work. They’re really proactive about wellness.”
  • “It’s impressive seeing sheets of steel and the stamping process that turns it into vehicle parts.”
  • “I didn’t realize that there was so much rigorous testing throughout assembly.”
  • “You don’t think about the safety procedures that use the yellow and red cords. And the ambulance.”
  • “The plant recycles everything – including the dust [for metallic particles]! This is part of its attention to the environment and how SIA handles recycling and waste.”
  • “It was interesting to learn how the associates rotate between jobs to keep from getting bored.”
  • “This place is incredibly huge!”


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