The 48HRS of Tristate event was the second one in which we've participated. We had joined the group last year, when temperatures barely reached zero. So this year was a treat. Although we still contended with winter weather, we didn't have to deal with sub-zero temperatures.


For someone who loves to drive, this is a great event. Plus, this year it benefited the American Cancer Society.


Day One: On January 14, some of the participants in 48HRS navigated roads in southern New Jersey, in the section of the state known as the Pine Barrens.


Day Two: The main part of the event began at breakfast at Subaru of America (SOA) headquarters. There, SOA presented the 48HRS organization team with a check matching a good part of the donations raised by participants. Then, taking different routes, two groups of participants drove to Burlington, Vermont.


Day Three: On Saturday morning, participants toured Vermont SportsCar (which fields Subaru Rally Team USA). We then broke into three groups because of the number of vehicles. (Attendees joined and left the groups at designated locations throughout the weekend. So at any given time, it was difficult to determine how many vehicles were there altogether. Total registration was 68 vehicles.) Everyone headed for Lake Placid and then to Lake George, New York.


At the raffle dinner Saturday night, organizers announced that 48HRS had collected more than $30,000 for the American Cancer Society.


Day Four: The event ended with a Sunday drive to Bethel, Connecticut, and a tour of EFI Logics tuning shop.


There's a lot more to 48HRS of Tristate, and you can read about it at www.48hrs.info.


Also, find entries about the weekend in the Editor's Track Blog on the Web site of Drive's sister publication Drive Performance at www.driveperformance.subaru.com.


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