Subaru Hosts Master the Mountain


Subaru once again hosted Master the Mountain to promote safe and fun-filled snow experiences for all. The events featured mini ski and snowboard lessons, ski tips, and competition footage, along with music and giveaways.


"Master the Mountain remains a terrific fit for our company and vehicle owners," commented Tim Mahoney, senior vice president and CMO for Subaru of America (SOA).



Subaru and Legacy Join the Hep B Free Campaign



A 2010 Legacy is the official vehicle of the San Francisco Hep B Free Campaign and debuted at the 2nd Annual B a Hero Gala. The Legacy is detailed with artwork promoting the campaign theme "B a Hero" in preventing liver cancer and the hepatitis B disease.


The Hep B campaign is striving to screen and vaccinate all Asians and Pacific Islanders for hepatitis B; they have the highest risk of hepatitis B of any ethnic groups. "Subaru is committed to helping educate the community and increase awareness through the Hep B Free movement," said Todd Lawrence, promotions manager of SOA.


Subaru and its Partners


Subaru of America (SOA) connects with current and prospective Subaru customers by reaching them through events, activities, and causes that fuel their passions. Sponsorships provide consumers with opportunities to interact with the Subaru brand and Subaru vehicles in a personalized way that isn’t possible through mass media.


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