The Benefits of an Independent Rear Suspension


An independent rear suspension results in many benefits. Vehicles with such a design ride smoother than their solid-axle counterparts. These suspensions also permit finer suspension tuning, with components designed to provide specific handling characteristics. The wheels can be aligned accurately for crisp and predictable turns, high-speed stability, and/or the capability of handling rough road surfaces.


Subaru independent rear suspensions are designed to have a low profile in a compact design that does not intrude into the cargo area. The interior benefits by having more space and flatter load surfaces in the cargo area.


By engineering light suspension components, the suspension system functions with reduced unsprung weight. That makes it far more responsive to road surfaces, helping to keep tires in contact with the road for improved handling and control.


Overall, an independent rear suspension contributes to improved handling, greater control, and enhanced comfort. And every Subaru has one.


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