Subaru Employees Share the Love


As part of the third annual Share the Love program, Subaru employees around the country served as volunteers for various causes.


For example, employees from Subaru of America, Inc. headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, participated in creating a mosaic along with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties in New Jersey. The mosaic was for the wall at Camden’s Sacred Heart Elementary School.


In northwest Oregon and southwest Washington, employees from the Subaru Portland office joined forces with local metro and area dealers to support Loaves & Fishes Centers for a Subaru Meals on Wheels Day. They delivered food with the regular delivery people and helped prepare food at a local center.


During the Share the Love campaign, Subaru donated a total of $5 million to five worthy causes. Big Brothers Big Sisters ( and Meals on Wheels Association of America ( were two of the causes, along with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (, Habitat for Humanity® (, and Ocean Conservancy® ( Subaru has donated nearly $15 million to nonprofits in three years through Share the Love.



Subaru at the New York International Auto Show


Go to to see what was new for Subaru at the New York show (April 22-May 1, 2011). Also, watch for product news at




Time Magazine Chooses Subaru TV Commercial as a Top 10 for 2010


Do you remember the Subaru commercial with the father telling his daughter to be careful driving? (See Subaru News in Winter 2011 Drive at for background.) That commercial, produced by Minneapolis advertising agency Carmichael Lynch, has won recognition by Time magazine as one of the top 10 television commercials of the year. You can find the commercial on – search for “Subaru Baby Driver.”


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