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The 2010-2011 winter has been excessive in many parts of the country, so it might seem odd to talk about high temperatures and preparing for spring and summer road trips. The heat will be part of our lives before we know it, and it pays to be prepared. Have your vehicles checked to ensure that:

  • The electrical system is charging at the correct rate
  • Battery terminals are clean
  • The cooling system has the proper mixture of coolant and distilled water
  • Hoses and drive belts are free of cracks, bulges, and frayed edges
  • The radiator is clear of bugs, dirt, and debris
  • Tires are inflated properly





In the last decade, as many as 91 percent of the vehicles inspected during any given year failed inspection. Here’s a sample
of failure rates during National Car Care Month 2010:

Low engine oil 26%
Windshield wipers 15%
Air filter 13%
Low washer fluid 12%
Belts 11%
Hoses 11%
Check engine light 11%
Cables, clamps, or terminals 10%
Incorrect tire pressure 8%
Brake lights 8%
Headlights  3%
Parking/taillights 2%




National Car Care Month


April’s National Car Care Month is the perfect time to have your vehicles inspected to make sure they’re properly maintained. Many Subaru dealer offer coupons and other special discounts during the event, and free service inspections are available at most Subaru dealerships by appointment. See yours for details. 


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