One of My Loves


When I found out my husband also drove a Subaru, I knew I could marry him! It was even more serendipitous that they were both 2006s.


I got my first Subaru when I was 16 and am on my second one now. He has since upgraded to his second, and I know we will forever be a Subaru family.


Here is a photo of one of my loves and me.


~ Katie Crane, Salt Lake City, UT


Suspended Reality


During a garage sale in the spring of 2009, I drove to the closest street corner to add balloons to our signs. As I exited my brand-new 2009 Subaru Forester, which I had driven off the showroom floor just two months earlier, I failed to put my vehicle in Park.


As my back was turned, the vehicle turned backwards at 180 degrees and fell off a hillside nearby, stopping only because it hit a brick building. The car was suspended in the air, with only one wheel touching a surface of any kind. Passersby claimed it looked like a tornado had done this to my car.


It took not one, but two tow trucks to get my poor Subie out that day. With all this, the only damage to be found was to the bumper!


~ Lisa Runkel, Windsor Heights, IA


Editor’s note: Subaru recommends that you set the parking brake when parking your vehicle.

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