Baby Delivery


I keep my 1-year-old Forester brand new – no dings, no scratches, and clean as a whistle – so much so that my husband is afraid to drive it because he might dirty it.


When my pregnant daughter called to say that she thought her baby was coming earlier than expected, I raced over to take her to the hospital. We didn’t make it. I had to pull over and deliver the baby myself in the front passenger seat!


The seat reclined at just the right angle, with the console and door frame providing perfect support for her to hold. When I finally called my husband to tell him what happened, he was thrilled about our new grandson. But also said, “Oh, good! Now I can drive your car!”


Mom, baby, grandma, and car (which cleaned up beautifully!) are doing fine.


~ Barbara Casper, Miller Place, NY


Outback Road


My husband and I live in far northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border, where we have at least six months of snow and winter every year. We used to drive ordinary cars, but quickly learned that if you want to get where you need to go around here, nothing gets you there like a Subaru. I’ve always thought it should be the Minnesota State Car.


When we bought some land near Ely, the county asked us what we would like to name the new road entering the property. Since we’re on our sixth Subaru, what else could we call it but Outback Road? The sign is so popular it has already been stolen once!


~ Lindsay Sovil, Ely, MN



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