A number of Genuine Subaru Accessories are available for the Tribeca. All of them were developed to the same standards that Subaru requires for its vehicles and original-equipment features.


A. Trailer Hitch (L101SXA100)


The heavy-duty trailer hitch made specifically for the Tribeca is rated at 350 pounds tongue weight and has 2,000 pounds towing capacity.


Increase towing capacity to 3,500 pounds with the addition of the accessory Transmission Oil Cooler.


Hitch ball not included. Trailer brakes may be needed.




B. Transmission Oil Cooler (D551SXA000)





C. Puddle Lights (H471SXA100)


Exterior LED lights installed beneath the doors activate when the doors are unlocked using the keyless entry. A soft glow illuminates the ground, aiding entry and exit of the vehicle.




D. Retractable Luggage Compartment Cover* (F5510XA000ML – Black)


The cover helps to protect the contents of the cargo area from prying eyes. It retracts with a spring-loaded mechanism for ease of use, and it’s easily installed and removed.


* Must be removed when third-row seats are in use.




E. Rear Bumper Cover (E771SXA100)


This molded covering helps protect the upper surface of the painted bumper from scratches and dings.




F. Splash Guards (J101SXA001 –Front Set, J101SXA200 – Rear Set, 57707XA270 – RR Bracket, 57707XA280 – LR Bracket)


Splash Guards behind the wheels help protect vehicle paint finish from stones and road grime.




G. Sunshade (SOA3991400)


The foldable Sunshade is constructed of three layers of protection to help reduce inside vehicle temperatures as much as 40 degrees. The Sunshade is custom-cut to fit properly, and it includes a handy storage bag.


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