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Out of 49 employees at the nonprofit Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in southwestern Colorado, 13 are proud Subaru owners! Our rugged Subaru vehicles are perfect for the unpaved roads we travel every day going to work, to archaeological sites, or to our favorite hiking, biking, or skiing spots.


This fall, after we gathered for our annual staff photo, we lined up all our Subaru vehicles for a Subaru photo shoot in front of our campus. In a way, the photo looks like one of a used car lot. Our cars range from older, trusted-and-true Outbacks and Foresters to a few brand-new Outbacks! Even our “company car” is an Outback – used for trips to town and back, and for traveling around the countryside. It was donated by noted southwestern archaeologist Bill Lipe, a member of our board of directors.


The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center near Cortez, Colorado, is a research and education organization dedicated to understanding and teaching the history of the ancestral Pueblo Indians (sometimes referred to as the Anasazi). Every year, thousands of children, teens, and adults come to Crow Canyon to take part in our archaeology programs, often working side by side with our research and education staff at our excavation site and in the lab. We invite you to get in your Subaru and join us!


~ Joyce Alexander, Cortez, CO



Traveling Dogs



As I was cleaning up my 2008 Subaru Outback with 92,000 miles on it, my Border collies, Kai (right) and Robie (left), were impatiently waiting to go on another adventure. My Subie has taken us hiking in forest preserves, playing on Lake Michigan beaches, watching Robie (aka GCH Agape Did It Wright) in dog shows, to the hospital where Kai is a therapy dog, to Robie’s agility and herding lessons, into downtown Chicago so Kai and Robie could see the Marilyn Monroe statue and walk beneath the elevated train, and on numerous other fun trips.


We love our Subie!


~ Debra Smilie Blomgren, Yorkville, IL


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