Rolling on to the Yukon


This year I realized the dream of a road trip from Oregon north to the Yukon. I found myself on the Dempster Highway heading for the Arctic Circle, but snow had made the road a slippery mud pit and I lost control. The road was built up due to permafrost, and the car and I rolled down the embankment.


I stayed the night at the only place within 300 miles, and the next day we towed the car back on top of the road. The car was beat up from the rollover, but she had protected me from harm and still drove great!


We went on to the Arctic Circle and Suby even brought me all the way home.


Best. Trip. Ever.


~ Michael Wallis, Portland, OR




The Smartie in Her Subie


The Smartie in her Subie
Goes a cruisin’ in the snows
She sports a look of glee
In the midst of others’ woes


The alleys make her giddy
She giggles with delight
As she sails over the ruts
In her Subie – what a sight!


Now this Smartie is a lady
With real problems that abound
But a blizzard is a piece of cake
As sweet Subie takes her ‘round


What makes this gal a smartie?
It’s her choice of Subaru
Why skid and slide and
end up stuck?
When there’s better things to do!!!


~ Diane Doyle, Evanston, IL (during the winter storms of 2000)


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