Change the Last Name to “Forester”



After my mother-in-law bought her Subaru, the third in our family, my father-in-law joked that we should change our last name to “Forester.” Since then we have added two more Forester vehicles to the family … and counting.


My husband was the first to buy his Subaru. He couldn’t have been happier with his sporty, silver 2003 Forester. It was used when he bought it, and despite the many city miles he travels every day, it still hasn’t given him any trouble. It is for this reason that I also purchased a Subaru a few years ago.


Despite my misgivings about being Bobbsey Twins and owning the same model car as my husband, at some point I remember saying, “Enough throwing good money after bad. Let’s do it right and get another Forester.” We bought new this time, though, because we knew we would be making a sound investment. After all, we had been told by several mechanics that Subaru is their family car.


My mother-in-law bought a Forester next, then my father, and, most recently my aunt. The reasons are obvious. When a product is first-rate and service is excellent, word will spread. I have recommended the Forester to friends as well as family, and I am not surprised that my parking lot, which is filled with the cars of other intelligent, educated, discerning teachers, is increasingly populated with Subaru vehicles.


Keep up the good work, and we'll keep up the loyalty.


~ Sperry Family, Pittsburgh, PA


Watch a video of the Sperry family’s Subaru vehicles.

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