Our Bucket List Grand Adventure

by Bruce and Kathy Barden, DeWitt, NY


For many years we had planned to travel across the country and visit many of the national parks. So, in June of 2012, with children all adults and the nest empty, we finally departed in our 2010 Subaru Outback on a 9,020-mile journey, from Syracuse, New York, to California and Oregon and back.


We covered two countries, 19 states, 11 national parks, and many side trips. We visited family and friends along the way, found temperatures from 40 to 114 degrees, and took a ferry across Lake Michigan.


The Outback averaged 30.4 miles to the gallon for the whole trip, up and down mountains and across plain and desert. It operated flawlessly the whole trip and was comfortable with plenty of cargo room. This, our fifth Outback/Legacy Wagon, is the best we have owned!


Editor’s note: Read about bucket lists in the Summer 2013 issue.




BRAT to Baja

by Kelly Sizemore, Port Charlotte, FL


The Baja is my uptown, go-anywhere vehicle, and the BRAT is a go-everywhere BRATster in the dirt.


The BRAT has been from the Florida sand to the West Virginia hills, backwoods, dirt, mud, rocks, creeks, up and down – has not gotten stuck.


I got the Baja with 17,000 miles on it. Now it has 128,000, with no issues. It has towed the BRAT from Florida to North Carolina.



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