Subaru Named 2012 Design Challenge Winner at LA Auto Show


Subaru moves to the future – as far ahead as the year 2025 – with earth-friendly innovation and design that surpass expectations.


Winning the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge with its SHARC (Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept) vehicle, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) (which produces Subaru vehicles) explained the awe-inspiring Subaru concept: “As a futuristic model for 24-hour highway monitoring, the SHARC provides protection and rapid emergency response solutions for Hawaii’s highway patrol.”


Subaru was one of six outstanding automotive design studios from around the world nominated as finalists in last year’s Design Challenge – Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025. FHI described it as “the ultimate 2025 law enforcement patrol vehicle that supports the needs of dynamic urban environments … to patrol a hypothetical inter-island ‘Paradise Highway’ in 2025 Hawaii.” Subaru developed the cutting-edge SHARC as an affordable and environmentally conscious highway patrol vehicle that meets Hawaii’s strict carbon-neutral environmental regulations. Countering reduced highway patrol budgets worldwide, SHARC vehicles are powered by renewable energy and operate autonomously, eliminating the need for a large full-time highway patrol staff.


The sleekly responsive and impressively efficient SHARC was selected as the winner by a judging panel made up of leading designers across multiple industries, and thus was chosen based on a variety of criteria, including consideration of future needs for advanced technology; speed and agility on future freeway systems; creativity of the solution; meeting the specific region’s mandated emission standards; and environmental sensitivity for maintenance and recyclability.


The SHARC design won this high-profile and hotly anticipated competition by “capturing the vision of Design Challenge theme by combining functionality and problem-solving technology around a dynamic and plausible story,” said FHI. The global joint efforts of the Subaru Global Design team, led by FHI’s Design Department in collaboration with Subaru design studios of the United States and Europe, were also highly lauded by the judges.




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