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Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier1


The Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier, designed to transport either one or two bicycles, is the latest in the new line of Subaru Yakima Equipped accessories.


The carrier slides easily into the vehicle's trailer hitch receiver, where it is held securely in place by a bolt and lock slip that help minimize movement.


Cradle supports for the bike frames rotate and lock into position against the bicycles' upper frames and down tubes to minimize motion fore and aft. When not in use, the support arms fold down easily.


See your Subaru dealer for this and other Subaru accessories.


1 To avoid blocking taillights, use only roof-mounted bike carriers to transport bikes with solid disc wheels. Trailer hitch sold separately.



Summer Vehicle Check List


Help to maintain your vehicle and make your next road trip as trouble free as possible.

  1. Replace windshield wiper blades when cracked, torn, streaking, or chattering
  2. Check tires for tread wear and proper inflation
  3. Wash and wax to preserve appearance
  4. Repair paint chips
  5. Change oil and filter
  6. See your dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance
  7. Check all fluids – oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer solvent, coolant
  8. Check belts and hoses
  9. Check the brake system – pads and rotors (linings and drums)
  10. Check shocks/struts for damage – leaks, rust, dents
  11. Inspect vehicle for leaks and repair as needed





Warm Weather Reminder: Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires


As air temperatures warm, so does the temperature of the air in your vehicle's tires, expanding the space that it fills. Air pressure rises, overinflating the tires.


Referring to the recommended air pressure in the Owner's Manual or on the label mounted on the driver's door pillar, check tire air pressure. Overinflated tires can reduce fuel economy and lead to premature wear of your tires. They also can cause a harder, less comfortable ride.

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