Here are some tips for safe, courteous driving:


  • On multiple-lane roads, don’t hog the left lane – it’s for passing and faster-moving traffic
  • Look ahead – move over when possible to allow vehicles to merge
  • “Merge” means merge, not “stop” – use the merge lane to match traffic speed and avoid being rear-ended
  • Don’t use your bright lights in traffic – dim them when other vehicles are approaching, even on multiple-lane roads, and when you approach another vehicle from behind
  • When behind the wheel, focus on driving – do not multitask (this includes texting and talking on a cell phone!)
  • Don’t tailgate – it’s an invitation to a rear-end collision




Too much cannot be made of the magnitude of danger represented by distracted driving. Teen drivers are particularly at risk because they’ve grown up with cell phones, which account for a significant portion of the injuries and deaths due to distracted driving.



Dialing, texting, and talking on cell phones are all distractions. The U.S. Department of Transportation says, “Put it Down.” Its distracted-driving website ( has statistics, facts, state laws, results of research, brochures, and more to help you learn about the problem and how to talk with your teen driver about it.


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