Barren Land



Most of Nevada is uninhabited and federally owned. In fact, a large area immediately outside Las Vegas is totally out of bounds to the public because it contains Area 51 and the enormous Nellis Air Force Base. Much of the land lies barren from bomb tests.


However, if you drive northwest of this foreboding, forbidden area, you’ll find yourself in the Great Basin with its beautiful valleys, mountains, sand dunes, and ghost towns. There are few highways, but the region is crisscrossed with tracks. Some are well maintained, but many are passable only by horse or motorcycle.


Many tracks are open to the public, and, believe it or not, it is permissible to drive along washes (riverbeds), since they are dry most of the year.


Not surprisingly, several companies offer horseback or motorcycle tours. But if you don’t feel like having only four legs or two wheels under you, how about a tour using off-road buggies?


Zero One Odysseys


That’s just what former motorcyclists David Whitehead and Earl Desiderio decided when they formed Zero One Odysseys. These are not ordinary buggies. Instead, they are custom-made, $100,000, race-ready, two-seater buggies that are the same as ones raced in the famous Baja off-road races in Mexico and Nevada.


However, you don’t need to be a race driver to jump into one and enjoy a few days exploring the beautiful scenery in central Nevada.


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