Hauling Cargo


We were going to cancel our trail work day. We had 20 volunteers signed up, but no way to get enough tools to the project site in time. I inquired about the required tools and reasoned that with folding down my seats and putting a tarp down, I could get all the tools safely and cleanly in my Subaru Impreza Outback Sport.


I fit a dozen McCleod's, half a dozen Pulaskis, a handful of shovels, and a rolled up 900-square-foot jute netting. Then I drove over dirt roads regular vehicles have trouble with, occasionally sinking my tire a foot in the mud (thanks, AWD, for getting me out), and brought tools to volunteers for my organization, building hiking/biking/equestrian trails along the South Fork American River in the foothills of California.


The photograph was taken after I had already unloaded the netting and several tools. Folding the seats back allows easy loading, sufficient cargo space, and long objects to fit in.


~ Tyler Schade, Cameron Park, CA




Forester Performance


As a busy drummer, painter, art teacher, and creative handyman, I’m always lugging around musical equipment, salvaged architectural supplies, and large canvases. The amazing amount of usable space in the Forester helps keep my attention on my creativity instead of worrying about what I can or can’t fit. On a recent recording project, I was actually able to load two whole drum sets at the same time! Whatever type of tone the recording called for, I was ready.


My first Subaru is a 2007 Forester with the All-Weather Package. It gets pretty tough in the winter here in the Buffalo/Niagara region, and the Forester handles it all with ease. My favorite part is the panoramic moonroof. Even in the cold, dreary months, it allows so much light in the car that it keeps my spirits up and reminds me that spring is always around some distant corner! The heated seats, mirrors, and wipers really help me feel safe and comfortable as I head out to enjoy many creative endeavors.


The Forester helps me perform at my highest level of creativity thanks to comfort, practicality, and safety. I thank you and look forward to many more years of Subaru ownership.


~ Robert Lynch, Niagara Falls, NY



A Trip to the Furniture Store


My wife and I took our 2006 Outback Sport on a weekend trip to shop at a certain Swedish furniture store. Considering how much we planned to purchase, we weren’t entirely sure if we’d be able to fit it all in our little car.


Well, in case you’re wondering how much an Impreza wagon can hold, I’ll be glad to tell you. It can swallow up three bookcases, a desk, two armchairs, two footstools, an end table, and a rug, and you still have room for two people and their luggage for a weekend trip.


Oh, and we averaged nearly 30 miles per gallon. Let’s see a pickup truck match that!


~ Praneendra Kuver, Mt. Pleasant, SC


Editor’s Note: Subaru recommends that you do not overload your vehicle. Check your Owner’s Manual for maximum cargo weight.



Stuff My Subaru!


I challenged my family and friends to help me stuff my Subaru last football championship weekend: Leave one appetizer off your menu and instead spend that $5.00 buying canned food items for those in need. If we all bought $5.00 of non-perishable items, then we will be able to stuff my Subaru and re-stock the food pantry in our city.


This would make a great nationwide event!


~ Covey Denton


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