My golden retriever Duke has always loved to go for a ride. Lately, he’s been much more interested in getting behind the wheel and taking me for a ride.


~ John Kareis, Rochester, NY







Dog Approved


This is my 2008 Outback taking a break from the off-road-vehicle (ORV) trail it just conquered, only a week after my purchasing it. I have always known I wanted a Subaru, but never imagined it would hold up to my torture so well – it handled like a pro on those ORV trails! Now I am looking forward to many more adventures in my Outback.


And, yes, it certainly is Dog Approved.


~ Becky Talbot, Baltimore, MD




Cruising with Groceries


Trinity, our German Shepherd mix, can usually tell when I get home from the pitch of our Forester’s engine, and she’s waiting at the door.


Friday is grocery day, when she usually gets to come out front to sniff around while I unload. This past week, she mistakenly assumed “Want to help with groceries?” to mean “Trin, car, go!” Four grocery bags, a gallon of milk, and one gym bag, and she still felt there was more than enough room for her to jump up and assume the cruising position.


What made me pull out the camera was the “what are you waiting for; this is perfectly normal” look on her face.


~ Jonathan Nelson, Arnold, MD




Hauling Dogs


This is my second Forester and second set of golden retrievers. It’s just the right size for hauling dogs, but not a big gas-guzzling SUV!


~ Donna Scowden, Duluth, GA


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