Seat Warmer Fan


Wisconsin winters can certainly take a lot out of person, draining us of our spirit and energy. However, I found that one of the best parts about my 2010 Forester is quite simply the seat warmers! What a great way to brighten even the gloomiest of cold, winter drives.


My love for the Subaru was contagious. My two sisters-in-law and my mother-in-law became first-time Subaru owners the very same year I bought my Forester. Now we travel near and far, toting friends, family, and pets … all the while feeling safe and sound and with warm buns.


~ Erica Zdroik, WI




Big, Happy, Subaru Family


In November 2006, my father and I decided to go car shopping. We both wanted SUVs. After much research, I settled on a Forester, and my dad chose a Tribeca. We were very happy with our selections and even converted my mom into a Subaru fan.


A couple of years went by and my cousin mentioned she was looking for a vehicle that would be good in our Chicago winters. I suggested the Subaru Forester, and she bought one in April 2009. Sadly, by this time, my father had passed away, and my mom wanted to downsize her SUV. My partner was also looking for a new vehicle by this time, and my brother and his teenage son were looking for reliable used cars. I decided to join the crowd and get a new car as well.


As you might guess, in October 2009, my mom, partner, and I all bought 2010 Subaru Foresters on the same day! My brother then took my mom's hardly broken-in Tribeca, and my nephew took my not-so-old Forester.


As you can see by our picture, we are one big happy Subaru family. (Unfortunately, my partner is not in the picture because she’s the photographer.)


~ Margaret Conway, Orland Park, IL




Family of Three


Our family currently owns and drives three Subaru vehicles. My 2005 Outback (center) was given to our youngest son commuter-college when his old car finally gave out. This allowed me to purchase the new 2011 Outback (left). Our daughter purchased her 2009 Forester (right) as her first post-college car.


Years ago we owned a 1991 Loyale, which lasted us almost 12 years until an accident put it out of use. However, in that accident, no one was seriously injured. The Subaru was very protective of the driver.


All in all, our family has owned four Subaru vehicles with these three still on the road today. Our children are very happy Subaru owners and drivers – we’re trying to raise our kids right!


~ George Chiodo, Downingtown, PA



Another Family of Three



We discovered Subaru as a family. My sons and I each have stories of how our Subaru  vehicles (2002 Outback, 2005 Forester, 2009 Forester) have carried us through icy and challenging on- and off-road conditions.


Each of us has unique needs from mountainous driving to highway and commuting, but our Subaru vehicles have never let us down.


There is a certain amount of reassurance that goes with owning a Subaru – knowing that the handling, reliability and the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is always there when you need it.


~ Matt Gonring, Libertyville, IL



A Good Girl



On March 16th, 2011, as I left work, I walked out to my 2011 Outback Limited. I found myself talking to her and patting her hood, telling her that she was a good girl and was getting an oil change the following day.


As I turned to get in, I saw the lady parked beside me in her 2004 Forester. I turned beet red and attempted to tell her that I wasn’t crazy! As I stuttered and stammered my words, she winked at me and said, “It’s okay. I LOVE my Subaru, too.”


Now that’s what I call TRUE SUBARU LOVE!!


~ Kyle Dickey, DuBois, PA






I got my first Outback in 2004 while I was in nurse practitioner school in Boston, Massachusetts – the town of pot holes galore. That Subaru got me through four-foot snowdrifts, numerous winter seasons where records were set for consecutive days of temps below 0 degrees, and many, MANY clinical placements that were a two- or three-hour drive away (one-way!). My dad (a doctor in Virginia) was so impressed that he bought himself a Forester and another one for my younger brother, who was in college at the time.


When we moved to sunny North Carolina a few years ago, I traded my Subaru for a minivan. Big mistake – the second we had our first snowfall, I regretted it!


So, in 2010, I bought a new Subaru Outback. My younger brother Elc liked it so much that he bought the EXACT SAME MODEL – same trim level, color, everything. Such a copycat. See pic.


My entire family loves your vehicles to the point where my husband jokes: “Presenting the Estrera Family, sponsored by Subaru.” We will be Subaru lovers for life.


~ Cleo Estrera, Durham, NC



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