Robert McClure Snyder’s Castle

1905 – Construction on the European-style Castle begins.


1906 – Construction halted due to Snyder’s death.


1922 – Snyder’s sons Robert, Jr., Leroy, and Kenneth resume construction.


1937 – Construction completed – the atrium was three and one-half stories high. The buildings had their own 80-foot-tall water tower.

Robert Snyder, Jr., who lived in the Castle, died, and the mansion was leased as a hotel.


1942 – The Castle and nearby carriage house burned, leaving walls standing.


1978 – The State of Missouri purchased the estate as a state park.


Today, park visitors can roam the grounds, where the Castle walls, the walls of the carriage house, and the water tower remain.


You can find photographs of Snyder’s Castle interior before the fire and of it burning on the Miller County Museum & Historical Society website:




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