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Impreza and Forester Earn 2012 Best Retained Value Awards


The award recognizes vehicles that have the highest projected residual value after five years. Impreza headed the category for Sedan $20,000-$30,000 and Forester the category for SUV under $25,000.


Forester Named One of’s 10 Best Cars for New Parents


Using a criteria that included affordability, roominess, easily accessed rear seat, features that are convenient, and a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, chose the Forester as good for parents.


Subaru Impreza Wins 2012 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award


The television automotive series MotorWeek recognized the Impreza with its Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Compact Car. John Davis, the show’s host, stated, “No other compact comes close to the Impreza’s mix of standard all-wheel drive, upscale interior, and near bargain pricing. Add in a fun-to-drive steering feel, plus a big jump in fuel economy, and you’ve got a four-season winner.”


Impreza One of’s 10 Coolest Cars with Great Gas Mileage


Practical vehicles can have a “cool” factor, as noted by They are cars that have a personality and are fun to drive, along with their other virtues. Impreza ranks among them!


U.S. News & World Report Announces Subaru Impreza and Outback as Two of its 2012 Best Cars for Families



Choosing its 2012 Best Cars for Families, U.S. News & World Report took into account safety, reliability, interior volume, and family-friendly features.


Outback Among®’s 10 Best Family Cars of the Year


In selecting the vehicles listed as its 10 Best Family Cars of the Year, considered safety, comfort, friendliness to children, high consumer ratings, and strong Kelley Blue Book® Total Cost of Ownership statistics.


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