“Dog Tested. Dog Approved.®



Returning for their third year, the Subaru canine commercials have a new pack of dogs and social activities. View them on YouTube by searching for “Dog tested. Dog approved.”


In addition, Subaru partnered with MapMyFITNESS to launch the MapMyDOGWALK mobile application for iPhone®,1 plus the canine owner social networking site Dogbook now has Subaru integration.




Subaru Guide to Everything


Subaru introduces its new Subaru Guide to Everything on the Subaru Facebook page. This guidebook is compiled exclusively by Subaru owners with a little help from Lonely Planet, publisher of travel guides. You can share one of your favorite places, see those submitted by others, find something near you, and, when the mobile app is up and running, you’ll even be able to get notifications so you don’t drive right by someone’s cool discovery without knowing it.


The goal is to create a living catalog of Subaru owners’ favorite spots and a resource to guide Subaru fans down the road less traveled. Take a look or maybe make an entry of your own at guidetoeverything.subaru.com/facebook.


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