Mark Holt


Summer 2014

For 38 years, musician Mark Holt and his sister Kimberlee Holt Tully have performed across the United States and Canada – traveling in a Subaru the last 12+ years.

I’m an artist; I’m a traveler; and music has always been my gateway to adventure. I get home and everyone wants to know about my trips here and there. I get comments like, “Wow! You’ve really seen that?” or, “Really? You’ve been there?”


From these trips, you begin to understand the relationship I’ve formed with my Outback and the concept of Subaru loyalty. Here are a few of my most memorable journeys.

  • Waking up in Whitefish, Montana, to 9 inches of fresh snow and needing to be on the top of Big Mountain by noon to set up for a ski resort gig, then backtracking down the same mountain after a long day of continuous snowfall in order to be home in Idaho by morning
  • Driving through the state of New Mexico all night (after performing in Fort Worth, Texas, the day before) because I need to be in Telluride by the next evening for another show
  • Being lucky enough to cross Lizard Head Pass (elevation 10,222 feet) on a beautiful, sunny, cloudless Colorado morning

But with all that being said and all the road dog memories and mileage I’ve accumulated, the real reason for my Subaru loyalty is my wife Angela. Angela commutes around 100 miles a day on a narrow, winding river road that follows the Clearwater River. She also drives a Subaru.

When the dog starts getting anxiously restless and I see the faint glow of headlights come up the road and enter the driveway, I thank Subaru for making such a dependable, safe automobile. 

Mark Holt at Gilbert Cellars winery, Yakima, Washington. Photo: Sara Gettys


Mark’s 2010 Subaru Outback: It makes a cameo appearance in Mark and Kimberlee’s soon-to-be-released music video and DVD documentary. 

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