Shopping for Your Next Subaru


If you're looking to purchase a new Subaru, the "My Next Subaru" tab gives you space where you can store that information for future reference. After linking to the new vehicles listed on, you can choose to build your next vehicle and save your configuration. Then you'll have it stored on your MySubaru site. From there, you can access payment estimates, link to your dealership's inventory, consult comparisons, view special offers, and download brochures.


MySubaru helps you to be an informed shopper, too. You can link to the value of your Subaru vehicle under "Guaranteed Trade-In Value Program." Provided all the provisions of the program are met, that value is how much your Subaru is worth in a trade for another one.


Keeping up with Subaru


Scroll down your home page, and you'll find a number of interesting ways to get involved with other Subaru owners. You can link to other owners' stories and to national and regional Subaru events. Specific events close to your zip code are directed to your MySubaru home page for your reference.


The latest Subaru news is listed on the page, too, so you can keep up with Subaru as a company.


Finally, there's an interesting poll in which to participate.


But That's Not All!


As we go to press, Subaru has plans to expand MySubaru functionalities, giving you a larger site to help you care for your Subaru, shop for a new one, and interact with the Subaru community.


So sign up and keep in touch. MySubaru will help you become as flexible and interactive as you want to be with your Subaru vehicle.


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