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My 2006 Legacy SE Wagon is my second Legacy Wagon. (I had a 2003 that I loved, but when I saw the redesign, I had to make the switch.) It's sporty, fun, versatile, dependable, and, above all, the design is stunning.


Over the last couple years, I have been rebuilding a 1974 Yamaha TX500 motorcycle. When it came to paint and overall aesthetics, I used my Legacy as a template: Subaru radiant silver paint, clean lines, five-point alloy wheels.


~ David A. Lamberti, Berkley, MI






Tribeca on High


I am the owner of the only Subaru Tribeca in Bolivia, South America.


I share with you this wonderful picture taken at Lake Titicaca. The lake is one of the highest commercially navigable lakes in the world (about 12,000 feet above the sea level). Next to the Tribeca you will see a beautiful llama.


Thanks Subaru for the great and safe cars that you build. My Tribeca takes me and my family to very exotic destinations in this different part of the world.


~ Rodrigo Campuzano


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