Two Tales About Subaru Safety


I am not a Subaru owner, but, after this, I think I may be one. My uncle left his Subaru Impreza outside my house while he is away to Greece. I live in New York, and yesterday we had a tornado hit us. One full-size tree came down on top of the car, and it's amazing how a huge tree like that falling on the car did so little damage. Everyone in the neighborhood is impressed how a ton (at least) of weight is sitting on the car, and it is handling it like it were a feather.


~ John Karantonis, NY


Two days before I left for the Boy Scouts of America® Centennial National Jamboree® at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, I picked up my 2010 Forester. I was in charge of a group of volunteers teaching Traffic Safety Merit Badge® at the jamboree. I couldn't think of a better car to use to teach Scouts the requirements about vehicle safety features and basic maintenance than my Subaru.


When we closed down our booth after nine days, nearly 800 Scouts had learned how to be safer drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. They had also learned how safe a Subaru is!


~ Steven Gayle, Gilbertsville, NY




End of the Rainbow


I moved my daughter across the country to her first teaching job in my Subaru. Anna, my daughter, took this photo after a storm in western South Dakota.


My Subaru might witness a few tears while I drive back to Wisconsin by myself tomorrow and leave my only daughter in Utah.


I love my Subaru … it takes me to the end of the rainbow.


~ Kristin Henke, Berlin, WI

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