An A-Maize-ing Subaru


I transformed my second white Subaru station wagon into "Maize" when I purchased a white '96 Legacy Outback. I have a costume that matches my car. I drive her daily and am always prepared to engage in conversations about the crisis of genetically modified foods. I carry organic corn seeds and a non-genetically modified organics (GMO) shopping guide to give to those who are interested.


~ Judith Dierkes, Memphis, TN


Editor's note: We recommend that you do not paint the windows of your vehicle.



The Greening Subaru



I purchased my 1998 green Subaru Forester new October 15, 1998. It was my first new vehicle. It makes a great conversation piece as my name is Heather Green and my profession is a village forester. To have the last name of Green in my profession is fun. To drive a green Forester adds icing to the cake.


~ Heather Green, Lockport, IL

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