Editor's note: We recently received an unusual number of dog stories from Subaru owners, so we've collected them here ... along with one about parrots!



Maggie, the Subaru Lover


This is our third Subaru, and it has 203,000 miles on it. Yes, we bought it new!


We love our Subaru, but so does our dog Maggie! Maggie is a Great Pyrenees and is still just a puppy. She weighs about 105 pounds.


She insists on sleeping on the car! She even brings along a bone or two to keep her company!


Do you think you could make a scratch-resistant Subaru for Maggie?


~ Debbie Dehoney, Eden, ID




Cider Rules


One of the rare times when Cider, our 4-year-old yellow Lab, lets go of his red ball is to stick his head out the window of our Subaroooo! He's a road trip champion!


Cider can't decide if he likes the Legacy or Outback better, so he made sure to slobber up the windows in both!


Here's a photo of a road trip through the Rockies and into the desert.


~ Erica Stevens, Colorado Springs, CO




Subaru Dogs


All is quiet, very quiet. But anticipation hangs heavy in the air. They know they are going for a ride, but they are oh, so quiet until they hear, "Let's load up!" Then it is all howling and whimpering as they scramble to get to the Subaru -- the dog-mobile, the pack-wagon, roving doghouse … the fur mobile. Most often it is only to the post office, but they are excited to stick their furry heads out the window to see and be seen.



We rarely go on vacation without our three dogs, and when they see the Thule go on top of the Subaru, their excitement goes into overdrive. We frequent a dog-friendly place on the Washington coast called Iron Springs Resort. Noses out the window, they know where we are going, and when we will get there. No need for dogs to ask, "Are we there yet?"


Our oldest dog can't do the long beach walks anymore, so the first time that she doubled back for the cabin, we worried and went back to find her. She was not at the cabin. She was underneath the Subaru -- her sanctuary, her comfort zone.


With great sorrow we gave up the old dog-mobile to our daughter and had to search for a new vehicle. Easy -- new Outback!


The new leather smell is now the smell of pure dog joy! Our dogs know not of money matters or car payments, only that the Subaru is theirs!


~ Lindsey Babich






No matter where I go or what I am doing in my 2008 Subaru Outback, the sunbeams always seem to find me. Pictured here with me are my dog Clarence and my Outback in the north woods of Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula.


~ Ashley Greene, Chicago, IL



Two Good Reasons



We had two good reasons for buying our Subaru Forester: our 12-year-old pups, Roxy and Molly.


When we rescued Roxy from a shelter two years ago -- all 105 pounds of her -- she barely fit in the back seat of our sedan, especially when she had to share it with a 70-pound Labrador.


We went out and bought a 2008 Forester three weeks later.


Now we have no problem taking them on vacation to Cape Cod (as we did here) or just going on a drive to the local dog park. We also do animal rescue, and when we have a foster dog visiting, it gets to come, too.


And of course we make sure everyone is safely buckled in!


~ Lynn Smith, Mount Vernon, NY



Parrot Pickup



I purchased my 2004 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport in 2003 from a dealer in Waterloo, Iowa. It has moved with me through four states and more than 100,000 miles.


I am the director/founder of Miss Vicki's Parrot Village, Inc., a nonprofit parrot rescue near Atlanta, Georgia. I get calls at all hours from people needing help with their parrots or, worse, people finding parrots flying free outside. I have traveled all across the state and then some either to pick up or deliver these exotic and beautiful creatures. There is always an emergency cage in the back of my Subaru, and a bird's life depends on me getting there and back with no trouble, regardless of road conditions, if there is even a road to speak of.


The birds and I thank you, Subaru!


~ Vickie LeClaire, Fayetteville, GA

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