Oregon’s southern Pacific coast is rife with dramatic vistas, sand dunes, towering cliffs, jagged rocks, and a backdrop of mountain ranges. From Coos Bay, you can drive easily to scenic corridors, dozens of state parks, and a number of national parks, forests, and recreation areas – including Crater Lake National Park.


Billed as Oregon’s “adventure coast,” Coos Bay and the nearby towns of North Bend, Charleston, and all points south offer a wealth of recreational and educational opportunities. Whether commandeering a sand dune ATV, savoring the freshest seafood imaginable, toasting your toes next to a blazing campfire, whale watching, birding, beachcombing, or immersing yourself in the area’s wealth of tribal history, you’ll find the southern coast of Oregon worth exploring.


Especially from mid-December through January, look for the spouts of migrating whales offshore. Thousands of gray whales migrate south along the Oregon coast to birth their calves in the warm waters of Baja, Mexico. Educational “Whale Watching Spoken Here” stations are located strategically along the coast highways in Washington, Oregon, and California. The whales are a sight you will never forget!

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