Winter 2014

In an effort to produce healthier school food environments and improve access to fresh food, 182 FoodCorps members in 16 states and the District of Columbia reach out to 500 schools. Through these leaders, FoodCorps strives to give children a connection with healthy food.



FoodCorps is part of AmeriCorps, which engages more than 80,000 Americans in service each year. FoodCorps was founded in 2010, with the first class of 50 members entering the field in 2011. 

These members are recruited, trained, and placed into limited-resource schools. “We saw that there was this incredible farm-to-school movement. There were grassroots efforts to manage school gardens, reconnect kids to healthy food, and get healthier food on the lunch trays – all of these programs were struggling on their own. We saw this opportunity to tap into AmeriCorps and be the boots on the ground for the farm-to-school movement,” commented Jerusha Klemperer, co-founder and communications director for FoodCorps.


Each FoodCorps member serves an 11-month term, devoting 1,700 hours to a single community. 

In that community, the members build and tend to the school gardens and teach hands-on lessons about food and nutrition, using the garden produce. They also help change what’s on children’s lunch trays by giving them healthy food from local farms.


A small portion of FoodCorps funding comes from AmeriCorps, with the rest coming from foundations, corporate sponsorships, and individual donors. The organization depends on partners such as Subaru to ensure more children with limited resources are receiving food education and are gaining access to healthier food in school meals.

Subaru also sponsors FoodTalks, where members share what motivated them to serve, how they know they are succeeding, and what their future plans are. Learn more about FoodCorps.