Safety & Technology

Get a peek under the hood and learn more about our industry-leading safety innovations, and why Subaru is a leading choice among parents with teen drivers.

2024 Outback Wilderness driving in deep snow
Safety & Technology

How To Winterize Your Subaru

Get prepared for cooler temperatures and changing road conditions.

The Subaru Solterra charging port with the charging port door open
Safety & Technology

EV Charging Options Explained

Whether you’re a Subaru Solterra owner or one of the many people considering one, some education on EV charging options is in order.

A Subaru Outback Wilderness with a game show host asking questions about what specific Subaru instrument panel warning lights mean
Safety & Technology

VIDEO QUIZ: What Does This Light on Your Subaru Dashboard Mean?

Warning lights on your Subaru instrument panel have all kinds of purposes. This video quiz will help you understand what they mean.