When you’re a true dog lover, nothing makes you happier than the wagging tail and big doggie grin of your favorite fluffball. And in 2012, self-professed “proud, crazy dog people” Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin and Carly Strife set out to delight pups in a whole new way.

Their company, Bark & Co., is best known for BarkBox, a web-based subscription service that delivers a new selection of all-natural treats and innovative toys to dog owners all over the country each month.

Not surprisingly, the company has tapped into a fervent fan base of people who love their pups like children. With more than 60 million toys and treats shipped to date and 6.2 million followers on social media, Bark & Co.’s office in New York City’s Chinatown keeps growing. So does the number of dogs many of their 250-plus employees bring to work, which prompted Inc. magazine to name it the “World’s Most Dog-Friendly Office.”

“We have between 30 and 40 dogs in the office every day,” says Head of Partnerships Suzanne McDonnell. “Some of them happily join us around the conference table during meetings, and we even have an off-leash play area.”

In honor of its loyal canine-geared customers, Subaru of America is partnering with BarkBox as part of the annual Subaru Loves Pets month. This October at participating Subaru retailers nationwide, select customers who adopt a dog from participating rescues and shelters will take home a Bark & Co. and Subaru co-branded New Pet Parent Kit, complete with an on-the-go water bowl, treats and toys. Subaru of America is also donating Shelter Supply Kits stocked with custom co-branded leashes, water bowls, training treats and more to select shelters.

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Bark & Co.’s office was named the “World’s Most Dog-Friendly Office” by Inc. magazine.